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Our vision at Psylkworm Photography is simple...fresh, lifestyle portraiture.

We love connecting with the subjects we shoot from single portraits to the beauty of outdoor nature, however, we especially love connecting with families and capturing the relationship and nuances that naturally shine.

What is unique about our style is you'll work with both of us on location making sure your session is captured naturally. While one of us is interacting and photographing your children, the other one is capturing candid moments between Mom and Dad that might have otherwise been overlooked.

Your vision is very important to us and although we are creative concept photographers, we strive to work with you to make your most special moments come to life on print.

Come have fun with us, we'd love to meet you!

Holly Reyolds


My background education comes equipped with a Bachelors Degree in Communication/Journalism where a few photography courses taught me that pictures do speak louder than words in many ways. I also have a love for product photography where sometimes the most simple still-life shot ends up taking your breath away. Whether we shoot in our studio or on location I am looking forward to taking the time to comfortably get to know you so your pictures can be natural, stunning and perfectly "you".

Wilfredo Seda


My background work deals with cinematography and visual effects (Bachelors Degree in Elementary Ed/Visual Arts), therefore I understand the importance of compositing photographs and understanding the use of lighting as an art form which, to me, are both essential elements in capturing life's special moments. In the world of photography, getting great shots of children in a natural setting can sometimes be daunting. However, this is exactly where I discovered my knack for shooting children's portraits. Kindergarten teacher by day and photographer by choice, sometimes getting on the ground and being silly is the best way for the right picture to come alive!