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Whitney & Michael's Engagement Session

As a photographer when you pull up to a new location to begin a shoot, you are filled with anticipation. Not only to let your shutter take flight and capture amazing images, but also wondering if the location will be the backdrop that puts the final icing on the cake that is a picture. Scouting online is one thing, but when a beautiful pasture of horses greets you at the entrance you KNOW it will be a great shoot! Of course we pulled over to grab a few quick images of the horses as we waited to shoot the love story of Whitney and Mike at Ridley Creek State Park...

Meticulously maintained shrubbery that mimicked the look of Alice in Wonderland all while the trees and reflection fountain welcomed us into its own secret garden. Whitney and Mike are a couple that resemble the sturdy stone castle that was part of the grounds. Finding us through a referral is our biggest compliment and we couldn’t wait to help tell their love story.

For the short time that we have known them, we know one thing: they are a solid couple who indulged our every pose, flash and joy at the beauty of the day. They came equipped to show their images through their laid-back love as well a more formal look to blend with the imagery of the Ridley Creek Mansion. We meandered through courtyards, stone walkways, and walls covered in ivy all while the gray skies served as a perfect reflector..

We had a blast, (because it's what we do), but we sincerely hope each one of the new couples we meet, also has a great time! Celebrating your love and creating images should be FUN, and it allows for a more than just a memory to pass on. We want you to gift your images to family, or quietly gush over your own love story at home, but either way it’s always worth it!

We can’t wait to celebrate their love at their fall wedding in Bethlehem!

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